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They have told us to keep quiet,

with their words,

their looks,

their judgment....

but what if, what you have to say is what this

world is begging for?

You may have been holding it in so long you have forgotten what you came here for...

but I will show you how to recall it.


YOUR words are more relevant than you can comprehend, you wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't true.

This isn't for everyone. This is only for those who are demanding for something more...


this may be for you if:


You want to show up as YOU in every interaction - no more faux being!


You want to have ease with difficult conversations


You have something you Can’t Keep Quiet about


You desire to be heard

YOU are invited to join a group of rebels, influencers, and wizards ready to UNQUIET!

if this is you....

let's EVOLVE OUT LOUD together!

Finding you, or your voices, is not always the easiest journey and there can often be a lot of detours along the way. What would it be like to walk through life knowing you? To choose with confidence the things that will make your life greater and greater!

To relax into the difference you are and celebrate that unique magic…

Imagine what it would be like to live without the confusion of what is true and real for you and to be free from the distractions and needs of everyone’s decisions of who you should be?

~ Cassy

30 Days









What are people saying about choosing classes, challenges and workshops with Cassy?

Cassy is magic! Her laugh is magical and her energy and facilitation creates magic! I love her joyful, open, caring approach. She knows exactly what to say and when to say it to create the most for the participants. Cassy has opened up the World of Possibilities to me. ~Nancy Blake

I have taken, to date, 3 Foundation classes with Cassy Summers.   I have loved and received so much from each one. Each class seemed as though it  was even better from the last.  How much I change each class and how much more I am willing to receive continues to change. As well, Cassy's capacity to just Be Space without any judgment, ask questions that get to the point that nothing else and her ability to explain things in such a way that makes it so clear for me, keeps me asking and choosing more.

~Jacquie Carter

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WHAT YOU GET:  thirty day challenge  |  three facebook lives  |  two zoom calls  |  eight video challenges

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