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Looking for an

Out of the Box

way to engage with Marketing? 

Are you aware that there is more possible with marketing

then what you see most businesses creating?

And are you looking to make a greater IMPACT with your

online and in-person engagement?

Imagine if you could join a crew of hooligans looking to gain information & new techniques to grow awareness and capacities of
Out of the Box Marketing!
>>> What if you could be inspired to create and engage with
impactful content?
>>> What if you had access to resources that will strengthen and grow your awareness & capacities with marketing? 
>>> What if you were provided facilitation that unlocked and revealed your own UNIQUE capacities with Out of the Box Marketing? 
>>> Oh and what if you made money while you learned? 


Whether you are someone that loves



or social media

The Academy 

has something for you! 

What if your engagement could impact the world?

What's Included

3 Month Immersion:

Weekly Meetings with Cassy

Private FB Group 
Private Whatsapp Thread

$200/m Contra

Social Media Training Resources

Possibility of Joining the Cassy Summers Team 

Affiliate Possibilities 

Creation Buddies 

Topics Covered

Out of the Box Marketing Strategies

Impacting Invitations 
80/20 Rule
Content Creation and Sharing 
Using your presence 
Tending to Connections 
SM Platform Trainings
Using Auto-responders
Using Judgments 
The Chaos of Experimentation
Engaging with Different Countries 
Clearing the Issues of Being Seen
Clearings the Issues of Receiving from your Invitations 
Personal One on One Reaching Out 
Talking to Creations 
Being Aware of and Contributing to Multiple Creations at the Same Time 
What are the Numbers? 
Joint Venture 
Identifying YOUR Unique Brand with Promotions 
Target Markets 
The ENERGY of a Campaign 
Grow 🌱 Your R E A C H! 
The Truth About Results 
Asking the Questions that Create a Different Way of Inviting 
Growing what’s Already Brilliant About You 
Fishing OUTside and INside the Pools
Email Marketing the Missing Element

Just to name a few ;)

What would you have to BE to make it so joyful for people to buy from you that they would find it happening with ease?

Rather that trying to convince people they should buy something, what if you be that which will allow them to buy?

- Gary Douglas


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