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Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Finding you is not always the easiest journey and there can often be a lot of detours along the way. What would it be like to walk through life knowing you? To choose with confidence the things that will make your life greater and greater!


To relax into the difference you are and celebrate that unique magic…

Imagine what it would be like to live without the confusion of what is true and real for you and to be free from the distractions and needs of everyone’s decisions of who you should be?


My name is Cassy Summers and one of my greatest joys is to inspire, acknowledge and empower others. 


I have spent the last 7 years of my life in the pursuit of tools and techniques to empower people like you that are looking to have the freedom of a greater, happier, and more conscious living.

When I discovered Access Consciousness™ I was truly empowered to know what I know, it was an acknowledgement of my being and knowing and I knew immediately that I would spend my life gifting this to others.



Becoming an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator has been the greatest adventure I have ever chosen! Since then I have been lucky enough to work with people from all over the world. These tools have allowed me to witness the miracle of someone coming into being more of them, acknowledging more of them and celebrating the difference and brilliance of them! 


What would it be like for you to be empowered to know what’s undeniably true for you? And to claim, own, and acknowledge the Gift, the Brilliance, and Magic of you?


Can you imagine living that way everyday? 


I wonder what brilliance are YOU that has never been acknowledged before? 

What capacities and talents do you have that are waiting to be revealed?


For me, ‘finding me’ has become less about locating a lost identity, and about discovering everyday more of what I know, perceive, receive and BE. Discovering you can be an adventure of beautiful revealings of magic, miracles, mysteries and possibilities. 


Shall we adventure?

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