Have you been looking for a supportive, safe and nurturing space to explore yourself?


A place where exposing and exploring your femininity was not judged?  



Salon Des Femmes, unlike any book club you have ever belonged to, will take you far beyond what you thought femininity, female relationship and creating for the future truly can be.

Join us in a totally different experience of female camaraderie, mentorship, friendship and creation.

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Welcome to the Salon

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The Power of Pragmatic Femininity

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What Goes On In The Salon?

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Join us February 10th, 2022 to start YOUR 14 week journey that includes:


- Access to a private telegram salon and community of feminine pragmatists.


- Weekly 1.5 hour long telecalls with Cassy.

- Surprise bonus content along way.

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During the 17th and 18th centuries in France, Salons were places where smart, forward-looking women met, talked and exchanged ideas.

- Gary Douglas


Embracing Being a Woman, Lady and a Leader

Beginning Your Friendship with You

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What if creating great relationships actually began with creating one with you?

What does embracing your true self look like?

Imagine what it would be like to know how to nurture you...your body...and your relationships? 

Say yes to this intimate exploration of yourself that will create the space to explore YOU.


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Creating a Relationship That Works for You

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Join the Salon

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One time payment
$ 1400 usd
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Four payments of
$ 400 usd per month







The Power of Choice

Recognizing You As a Gift

Having the Greatness of You

Becoming a Pragmatist of Femininity

Celebrating International Women's Day

Ladies I want to change the world with you.

"If you don’t acknowledge that you’re a creator of the future, if you don’t acknowledge that you foresee the future and you can alter and change it, you will never be everything you are."

This month receive 50% off from the Salon Des Femmes Bookclub. 


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About Cassy Summers

Finding you is not always the easiest journey....

There can often be a lot of detours in the journey of you. What would it be like to walk through life knowing you? To choose with confidence the things that will make your life greater and greater!


To relax into the difference you are and celebrate that unique magic…

My name is Cassy Summers and one of my greatest joys is to inspire, acknowledge and empower others. 


I have spent the last 7 years of my life in the pursuit of tools and techniques to empower people like you that are looking to have the freedom of a greater, happier, and more conscious living.

When I discovered Access Consciousness™ I was truly empowered to know what I know, it was an acknowledgement of my being and knowing and I knew immediately that I would spend my life gifting this to others.


Will I get to ask questions? 
Yes, Cassy will be taking questions during the live call. Your questions contribute to the exploration and possibilities!  

She will address all questions in a way that facilitate the group, however, some questions may require one on one facilitation. 

What happens if I require one on one facilitation?

Cassy offers private sessions. Reach out to her to book yours!

Can I get a refund on my membership? 

We do not issue refunds. 


Can I cancel my monthly payment plan?

All cancelations made before the first of the month are honored and you will have access to the months you have paid for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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